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Would you like to see "The Drive to Sing" in your community? This page tells how. Just tap a question below.

Is it available for streaming?

Yes, starting in June 2023, The Drive to Sing is available for streaming. See our home page for more information.

Streaming a film at home is convenient. But watching it in person with a group is more meaningful than watching it alone. The film has sparked many valuable discussions about resilience, community, and healing. Let's show it in person, in as many places as we can.

I'd like to see The Drive to Sing in my community. How can I help?

Thank you for your interest! We want to help show this uplifting film in as many places as possible.

This page helps you select a venue in your area and ask them to show it. Public libraries are the easiest to work with. Churches, senior centers, and schools are good choices too, with a bit more effort.

If you have any questions or suggestions, our email is

How can I ask a public library to show The Drive to Sing? (It's easy.)

Just call your local public library and say something like this:

"I heard about a new documentary called The Drive to Sing. It's about choirs finding ways to sing safely during the pandemic, and my choir friends would like to watch it together. Could the library show it sometime?"

They may also want to know

Often, libraries know how to take it from there.

Sometimes they will ask you to fill out a big request form. We can fill it out if you like. Just email us at, tell us which library it is, and say why you want to see the film in your community.

How can I write to the library instead?

You can find a library's website with a Google search. Almost all of them have a "Contact Us" section that provides an email address or comment form. You can use this example text if you like. If you're sending an email, you can CC so that we can help with any followup questions.

=================== example text

Subject: Could the library show The Drive to Sing documentary?

I heard about a new award-winning documentary called The Drive to Sing. It's about choirs finding ways to sing safely during the pandemic, and my choir friends would like to watch it together. We can't do <days of the week> because that's when we rehearse. Could the library show it sometime?

It is 75 minutes long and family friendly. This web page tells how to host a screening.  The filmmaker's email is


<your name>


That's it!  Libraries know how to take it from there.  You could always try a 2nd or 3rd library, in case the first is too busy.

Which kind of venue would work best?

So far, the best venues for The Drive to Sing are public libraries, churches, senior centers, and schools.  

Of these, the simplest to contact is... libraries!

Public libraries are great venues for a number of reasons:

Churches and schools can be great venues too, but it takes more time and effort to organize an event. It works best if you have a connection to the music director or music department already. See below for more details.

Senior centers or assisted living centers can be good venues too. Just call them and ask for the activity director, and suggest it. Sometimes they will make the event open to the public, and other times they may prefer to have it only for residents.

Movie theaters are usually too expensive.

If you have suggestions, just email us at

How can I organize a public screening at a local church or school?

A church or school is a natural place to show a film that's all about choirs! Some choirs enjoy watching the documentary together as a team-building event.

Most churches have space available for rent and equipment to show a film, but someone needs to "organize" the event (perhaps you). Contact the church office to find an available day/time. You may need to sign a rental agreement and pay a rental fee, unless a congregation or staff member is organizing it. Maybe you can interest the music director...but they may not have time to take on a new project. On the day of the screening, the organizer needs to bring a laptop and plug it into the A/V system.

Setting up an event at a school is similar. Ask someone in the music department if they can show the film as part of a film or performance series. If a teacher/professor wants it to happen, the arrangements are a lot easier. Or you can contact the main office and ask how to rent a space and show a film. Many different groups share the school facilities, so there will likely be an application/approval process and rental fee for the space.

Please keep in mind that public screenings of The Drive to Sing must be FREE admission. You may ask for donations.

Once you have a venue in mind, the "Host a screening" section below has more details.

Why not a movie theater?

Everyone thinks of films showing in a movie theater. They have high quality projectors and sound system, comfy seats and popcorn. 

But here's the thing.  The Drive to Sing's music license agreements do not allow us to charge admission

Movie theaters in large cities cost between $300 and $3000 to rent, and we(you) can't sell tickets to cover the cost. For a special occasion, maybe someone could write a grant to pay for the theater rental, or find a theater that is very inexpensive? But usually, showing the documentary in a regular theater does not make financial sense.

This is why we're recommending libraries, churches, and schools (above).

I'm a teacher. Can I show it in my classroom?

Sure. Just email us, and we'll send you a temporary link.

Kathryn taught elementary music and chorus for many years, and she believes the film will be motivational for choir students (and their teachers). It shows the importance of live music and community, and shows what lengths people were willing to go to during the pandemic, in order to make harmony again.

Subject: show The Drive to Sing in my classroom

<what you teach and where>

Can we show the documentary at a choir convention/festival?

Absolutely! We would love to show "The Drive to Sing" at more music festivals and conventions.

If you know of one, please introduce us to the appropriate people, or let us know how/when to apply.

Just email us at

Host a screening

This section is for librarians, church or school staff, or anyone who wants to organize a screening at their venue. 

What are the steps to organize a screening?

What equipment is needed to show the film?

What is the license fee for showing the film in public?

Our standard license fee is $200 to show the film in public.


If this doesn't fit your budget, let's talk. We want to make it accessible.

We'll send an invoice and our W-9 form on request.

Will the audience register or buy tickets, or what?

Do you have resources to help with publicity?

Yes, see our Media Kit page for suggested text and graphics that you can use.

You can publicize the event among people and groups that you know. Facebook events make it easy for people to share the details with their friends. Inviting local chorus organizations and churches works well, especially if you start several weeks in advance.

Also if you like, once we know the date/time/location of your screening, we can add it to our website and run some Facebook ads in your area to reach a wider audience.

Do you have resources to lead a discussion afterward?

Can the filmmakers or cast/crew attend for a Q&A afterward?